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You’re allowed to scream, you’re allowed to cry, but do not give up.

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merry christmas-is-in-18-days 

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Christmas shopping

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prancing sheep > homework

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"bear with me" you say. we both turn into bears and escape into the woods

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.01 with Huy Nguyen 

my brain or something

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You have to think, “you know, if it sucks right now it’s worse for someone else” and you’re looking at your soft stomach and you’re thinking about that sandwich you ate and you’re thinking also about the work, the work, the work and it just seems like it can’t get any worse but oh, darling, oh baby doll it can get so much worse than this.

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today I really missed when I would go horseback riding in November, and I never had the right gloves so my hands would be so cold, and I would try to warm them in my horse’s mane. And it would be so quiet, except for our breathing, and it would be so still, except for our moving. 

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So, my fellow students, designers, drawers, “broke-ass college students trying to save money for the rest of your life and then blowing it all on coffee and liquor” – have you found what you’ve been looking for? 

Probably not. Competition is lame, folks. 

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