The Faun’s Head, Rimbaud

Among the foliage, green casket flecked with gold,

In the uncertain foliage that blossoms
With gorgeous flowers where sleeps the kiss,
Vivid and bursting through the sumptuous tapestry,

A startled faun shows his two eyes
And bites the crimson flowers with his white teeth.
Stained and ensanguined like mellow wine
His mouth bursts out in laughter beneath the branches.

And when he has fled - like a squirrel -
His laughter still vibrates on every leaf
And you can see, startled by a bullfinch
The Golden Kiss of the Wood, gathering itself together again.

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at Olde Good Things - Chelsea
We stumbled into a lot of old lamps (at Olde Good Things - Chelsea)
6:45 am || Running to the river and back again.
Morning playtime
Black Cat India Crushin // My feelings are ugly 

Loosening up on paper feels so good. When did I get so uptight? Why is this surprising? So much of my old art has been sloppy and dark, full of motion and a lot black against white. I’ve stiffened up over the years, I think trying to fit in with what I thought I was supposed to do. It feels so real to let go. It’s very important to have both for happiness. Or at least relief!
Today’s selfie
Q: Katie,I saw your paintings in the Chapter house cafe, I like them a lot! But my favors were sold, I was wondering if I can see your collection. Thanks Lucero

Hi there, Lucero! 

My website is currently under construction, but if you have a favorite from the show that you’d like more information about, I am very happy to answer all of your questions! 

All of the very best, 

Katie Kalupson

asked by Anonymous
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Café Bustelo, toes.
Sunday morning in Manhattan
Writing letters with Muji! だいつきです。
Family Vacation, lots of yellow.

My awesome friend Abi Reimold at Walla Fest, singing “Morning.” A talented musician and photographer, I had the pleasure of working with her last year. I hope to see you go far, Abi! 

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favorite band, regardless of mood

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